Our profession

Proballers is a worldwide expert in collection, analysis and redistribution of basketball statistics. For 10 years, we have been covering the 75 largest professional leagues, and can consequently provide clubs with exhaustive contents: profiles of their players and of the competitions in which they participate (domestic leagues, playoffs, european competitions...).

The contents of our offer

  • Schedule: Calendar for all matches: championship, leaders cup, European competitions, playoffs (Demo)
  • Results: for current and past seasons
  • Standings: for current and past seasons
  • Stat sheets: Including the detailed statistics of your players and those of your opponents.(Demo)
  • Player profiles: Including the complete pathways of your players, and their match-by-match statistics since the beginning of their careers. (Demo)
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Proballers also offers a monitoring/alerting service keeping you informed in real time about the records established by your players and the milestones they have achieved.

We consider these elements as essential to your club's storytelling. Records underscore the uniqueness of a given performance, and make the spectator realized how fortunate he has been to witness an historic event. In addition, they enable him to compare players having worn the club's uniform at different epochs. When you learn that your current leader is about to statistically overtake a legendary figure in your club's history, the value of his performance is highlighted, and he is associated with another player whom your fans hold dear.

We search for records

After each match, we identify the individual and team records established by your players.

We alert you

Once the record has been identified, we alert your community manager and forward to him the information required for creation of specific contents.

You communicate

Just a few minutes after the record, you can communicate the information, involve your fans and sensitize the media.








Proballers, offre Starter


Access to ou data base (via API) and utilization of our stats on your platforms.

Contact: cedric@proballers.com

Proballers, offre All-Star

ALL-STAR offer

The STARTER offer + access to our premium alerting service on the records and milestones of your players.

Contact: cedric@proballers.com

Proballers, offre MVP

MVP offer

The ALL-STAR offer + a site tailored to your individual needs. We become your one and only web provider, and directly benefits from all of our product improvements.

Contact: cedric@proballers.com

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